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I keep forgetting to come on here lol.  Wow, it's been awhile.  I've been doing nothing but working and I also got a ps4 for Christmas so I've been on that too.  My Merthur feels came back again full force and I want to watch all the seasons again.  I only have season 5 lol.  So how's everyone doing?
Wow, it's been long while since I've been on here.  Have I missed anything?

Dexter Finale

So how did everyone like the finale of Dexter last night? [Spoilers]I had a feeling Deb was going to die and I cried half into the episode, when Dex took her out of the hospital and into the boat I knew he was going to throw her overboard.  Did anyone notice though that whenever Dexter throws bodies overboard they're usually in a black trash bag or black body bag but with Deb she was covered in a white sheet...kinda symbolic and this episode made me cry.  It should've ended with Hannah and Harrison walking down the street and not have Dexter be somehow alive after a boat crash in a hurricane.


Aug. 19th, 2013

Haven't been on lately, don't have any new news but I am spending all my time on youtube right now.  I normally not a youtuber meaning I don't spend hours on it going from cute kittens to how the straw was invented lol but one day I wanted to watch some funny videos of this guy I watched before playing Bully scholarship edition but found a new subscriber called Pewdiepie.  He's awesome and hysterical.  He mainly plays horror games and his reactions to the monsters and scare scenes are the best.  Check him out you won't regret it.

Here he is playing Ju-On The Grudge
And if you liked the first part watch the 2nd one and skip to the last part too

How's everyone doing?  Haven't been on Lj or Tumblr in a while and feel like I'm missing out on everything lol.  Anything new?

Currently working on a Lighthouse cross stitch for my Godparents as a gift for Christmas, not able to go to the beach with them this year... kinda sucks but really 1 time was enough for me.

Also new news on my hands, since my last Dermatologist appointment I've been a good girl and wearing my cotton gloves underneath the work gloves and change them over every 2 hours and it was getting good for about a week until the day I did grill all day!  That is the problem and it makes more sense since the first 2 years I've been there I've only done dining room, fries, and dressing the bun and the last 5 to 6 months I've been on grill and that's when my skin on my hands began dying, hurting, cracking, and peeling it started!!!  My life so sad :/
So the reason why my hands are breaking out is not because of the gloves itself, it's between my sweat and the gloves.  Still don't understand why after 3 years it would do this but yeah I'm just pretty happy that I know what's wrong with me now.  I just have to wear cotton gloves underneath the gloves I have to wear at work since cotton absorbs the sweat.  It's called Sweat Induced Dermatitis and it's still being researched meaning I have a rare condition...figures.
There's nothing like reading depressing Merthur fics 2 o'clock in the morning

Jul. 10th, 2013

It's been awhile since I've been on and a couple of things have happened in my life. Nothing major, though I have found (I pulled a Sherlock) out I don't have eczema I've actually become allergic to the gloves I have to wear at work which completely baffles me since I've been there 3 years why now?  Went to a dermatologist for it and she gave me shot in the ass and prescription cream that doesn't do anything. Top it off the gloves are vinyl and we have the option between powder and non powder so like I said I tried everything including making my manager get a set of latex gloves but it still did it!!!  Right now I'm wearing cotton gloves underneath the work gloves and that has helped a lot but I can't keep wearing those so I'll wait till my hands are fully better until trying our gloves again and if not I might have to quit :(
Warm Bodies is actually a pretty good movie, had mixed feelings about a zombie romance movie before it first came out but I like it.
I have Eczema and believe cutting my hands off would hurt less than dealing with this