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Jun. 3rd, 2013

I watched Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter last night and thought it would be stupid movie but it was actually pretty interesting.  Just ordered the book on Barnes and Noble and I should feel guilty for shipping what was assuming to be the most boring but apparently not great late president with a vampire but I'm not!   Either Henry is really hot or I just love him for the hair lol. 
I got the new ipod 5th generation today and knew it had a camera but did not know it had Siri too!!!!!!  Now I can ask stupid questions like what the weather is outside when I can't look out a window like a normal person talking to you Zooey Deschanel

May. 31st, 2013

Trying to get over my insecurities and wear shorts out in public today.  3 years ago I was wearing a jacket in 80+ degree weather but now that I've lost some weight I feel better about myself
Got to see Iron Man 3 earlier today!!!

All I can say WOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!

And also:
[Spoiler]How can he be Iron Man without the Arc Reactor anymore?!?!?!


May. 24th, 2013

Might get to see Iron Man 3 next Tuesday!


Star Trek Into Darkness

OMFG!!!  Saw it earlier today with my mom and there was only 2 other guys in the theater so that was awesome itself.  Had my Sheldon Cooper "Live Long and Prosper" shirt and Spock hoodie (didn't get to wear that though since it's like 80 degrees outside).


[Star Trek Spoiler]I bawled my eyes out!!!  It was a complete switch from Wrath of Khan either because Vulcan was destroyed in the first movie or Spock Prime (so happy he was in it even briefly) told other Spock his fate!  Kirk died this time and Spock was crying (repeat SPOCK was CRYING!!!) and yelling Khan's name just did it for me!  I was expecting Kirk to either tell Spock he loved him or kiss him throughout the whole movie especially when he wanted to tell him why he saved Spock in the volcano.  Btw, why wasn't the colony from the beginning not allowed to see the ship?  I must've missed something.  When Benedict was saying his name isn't George Harrison I was squirming in my seat begging the screen "please don't say Khan, please anybody but Khan" and he said "Khan" I turned to my mom and said this isn't going to be good!  Spock and Khan's showdown was great especially when Spock was doing the Vulcan Pinch but it wasn't really affecting Khan at all.  Uhura having to come and tell Spock to stand down already because he's so upset about Kirk's death.  Oh and Tribble!  And did anyone else noticed as Kirk was dying and they had their hands to the window Kirk did the Vulcan Salute!!!  So much to say and I'm too excited I've forgotten lol!
My godparents are going on vacation to Ocean City this week which means I'll be over there house dog sitting 2 adorable but little yappy Yorkies.  The upside they have high channels and a wii, downside they didn't open their pool even though I wouldn't go in it anyways since they have central air that for some reason gives me a headache.

May. 17th, 2013

Yeah not my favorite movie

May. 17th, 2013

How the hell are all these cameras placed without seeing them?
Why is this lady so...pink?